Bi-Axial - IEEE


Teams Bi-Axial test systems are specially designed to reproduce the exacting requirements of IEEE 344 test standards. Using Teams unique high performance servovalve-actuator combination, Team's innovative engineers have successfully created a high frequency, simultaneous dual-axis system with bandwidth capability of 3-500Hz. All IEEE-344 Test systems are fully integrated and assembled with a welded steel, air isolated reaction mass.


  • Reliable Hi-Frequency Servohydraulic Actuator
  • Team Patented Pad Bearings
  • Dual Axis Simultaneous Motion
  • Integrated Seismic Base
  • Air Isolated to 2Hz


  • IEEE-344 Qualification TestingLarge test surface area
  • Maintenance free*
  • Ease of using multiple fixtures
  • Built to interface with Team electronics 
  • IEEE test compliant**
  • Single axis component testing