Rotary Actuators


The Team R-10 is a heavy-duty, robust, fatigue rated actuator that meets the requirements for many product applications in the automotive industry including coupling, damper, driveshaft axle and material testing. Team's R-10 series rotary actuators were designed for fatigue testing wherever high torque output with restricted rotational travel is required. The R-10 has a total rotational travel of 100 degrees (+/- 50 degrees). One primary feature of the R-10 is that it incorporates hydrostatic bearings, which eliminate mechanical wear caused by side or thrust loads - thus ensuring longer life.



  • Dynamic Torque Output from 5,000 to 200,000 lb-in (564 - 22,596 N-m)
  • Heavy duty - fatigue rated
  • Zero backlash due to locking taper
  • Hydrostatic bearings eliminate mechanical wear and ensure longer life.
  • Rotational travel 100 degrees (+/- 50 degrees)
  • Integrated RVDT


  • Automotive damper testing
  • Automotive FEAD testing
  • Automotive component test of axels, driveshafts & couplings
  • All rotational or torque with limited displacement testing requirements
  • Materials fatigue testing