Torsional Vibration Table


Teams Rotary Bearing Table provides the option to convert linear vibration into torsional vibration, thus expanding your shaker's capability. Use of a specially designed Team Rotary Table is the only way to achieve torsional vibration at frequencies above 1,000 Hz. A typical application for Teams Rotary Bearing Table is torsional vibration studies of computer hard drives and sensitive electronic components.


  • Three Hydrostatic Bearing Surfaces
  • Rigid Spherical Drive Coupling
  • Customer Specified Insert Pattern
  • Extends Linear Actuator Capability
  • Reaction Base height Adjustable to Match Existing Shaker Centerline


  • Rotational Tests of Heavy Payloads
  • Electrical Component Testing
  • Aviation Guidance Systems Testing
  • Computer Hard Drive Testing
  • Hi Frequency Excitation*

*Shaker Dependent