Tensor 18kN™


The Tensor 18kN™ expands the design of the small and more compact Tensor 900 to a size more practical for the typical user. The system is still designed to be over-determined, and uses twelve custom made ED shakers for excitation out to 2,000 Hz. However, the larger design incorporates twelve individual 900 lbf RMS shakers to drive a 30 inch square table. With four shakers in each axis, this system produces 3,600 lbf RMS per axis, and has a bare table moving mass of nominally 430 lbm. The Tensor 18kN™ represents cutting edge technology in multi-axis testing and incorporates custom oil cooled ED shakers with an integrated, air isolated and highly damped reaction mass capable of 12g peak Sine (bare table)and 9g RMS (bare table) Random acceleration.


  • 5-2000Hz frequency Band
  • 4800 lb-f (21.4kN Sine) All Axis
  • Oil Cooled Custom ED Shakers
  • Hydrostatic Bearings Throughout
  • 30 inch (750mm) Mounting Table
  • Power Amplifier Set (120 kVA total)
  • Highly Damped Reaction Mass
  • Hydraulic Power Supply


  • Sensitive Electronics Testing
  • Avionics Validation
  • Communication Equipment Testing
  • PCB Testing