V8 and T8 Bearings


The V-8 and T-8 Hydrostatic Bearings are Team´s most popular stand-alone bearings. The V-8 and T-8 are easy to use, and require little maintenance. The base of each bearing features an "air pad" to facilitate movement and alignment. A filter on the inlet line assures that only clean oil reaches the bearing. Each bearing can carry as much as 10,000 lbs (4535 kg) of vertical load capacity, so most test packages can be accommodated with 4 or 6 bearings.

T-8 and V-8 bearings are designed for use with electrodynamic and servohydraulic shakers with a maximum 2 in. (50mm) of stroke.



  • Stiffest bearing system available.
  • Easily stored when not in use.
  • Air pad for ease of movement and alignment
  • Low-maintenance
  • 2.5 inch (63.5 mm) stroke
  • 10,000 lb (44.5 kN) vertical load


  • Slip Table Expansion Outriggers
  • Guidance of Heavy or Oversized Test Specimens
  • Create Custom Slip Table for Heavy Test Articles
  • Support Oversize Horizontal Fixtures