The demands of government equipment are changing rapidly. From personnel carriers, to missile guidance systems, to combat communications, Team continues to provide solutions for a variety of mission critical needs.

For example, the Large Vibration Test System installed at Picatinny Test Center was a custom design, and has been a great success. This system allows for testing very long and massive PHT&S canisters used for munitions.

Another example of a custom system is the 6 Degree of Freedom Vibration Test System built for the United States Army Redstone Test Center, which consists of 5 vertical and 5 horizontal actuators. It has a 500-Hz frequency response and a primary moving element (table) that is 8 ft by 8 ft.

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Acoustic Modulators
Acoustic Modulators —

Team has been delivering extremely high powered acoustic modulators to the aerospace market for over 30 years. Based upon a design originally developed by Northrop Grumman, the MK VI and MK VII Acoustic Modulators currently available have been optimized for robust operation in perhaps the most severe environment imaginable, the heart of a reverberant chamber or progressive wave tube. Read More

Bi-Axial Systems
Bi-Axial Systems —

The ability to generate excitations in either horizontal or vertical axes without purchasing two separate systems and/or repositioning the payload offers considerable cost savings and efficiencies in laboratory throughput. Team has realized Bi-Axial systems that combine our expertise in multi-axis technology with our hydrostatic bearing designs. Read More


To reproduce the full spectrum of field environments by simultaneous excitation of all degrees of freedom is widely recognized as the ideal means to subject any test object to realistic stress accumulation. Team’s CUBETM is the first system to accurately produce controllable excitation up to 500 Hz in all DoF simultaneously, and remains the only system with this capability developed ... Read More

Engine Simulator
Engine Simulator —

Internal combustion engines generate torsional vibrations in the crankshaft that are transmitted throughout ancillary engine accessories such as the crankshaft damper, and belt driven equipment on the front end of the engine. Team has developed the 900 series of Engine Simulators ...  Read More

Engine Valve Actuator
Engine Valve Actuator —

The increasingly stringent Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards and tail pipe emission limitations are drivers for improving the performance of internal combustion engines. Improvements in modulating the intake and exhaust valve performance offer an avenue to assist in meeting these requirements. Read More

Head Expanders
Head Expanders —

Vertical excitation of a test object requires a mounting platform designed to be as stiff, yet light weight as possible; stiff to minimize influence on test results and light weight to conserve shaker force. This means the dynamic response of the mounting platform, or Head Expander must have the first mode outside the test band, or if within the test band, the response must be very well damped. Read More 

HydraBall —

The connection between a linear actuator and an articulating table is perhaps the most critical design challenge in any vibration system development. The connection must be highly transmissible, free of backlash and able to carry high forces through angular vectors. Read More

Hydraulic Power Supply
Hydraulic Power Supply —

Providing a constant supply of pressurized and properly conditioned hydraulic oil to a servo hydraulic test system, or to a hydrostatic linear bearing table, is an essential requirement for achieving desired performance and having trouble-free operation. Team designs and delivers a wide variety of Hydraulic Power Supplies (HPS) ... Read More

Horizontal Test System
Horizontal Test System —

As the recognized leader in high performance servo hydraulic vibration test systems, Team has considerable history developing and delivering both conventional and unique Horizontal Test Systems. Team’s solutions are typically based upon two proprietary products in Team's arsenal of vibration components, the HydraShaker and the T-Film Slip Table. Read More

Large Platform Systems
Large Platform Systems —

Team’s core competency is custom system design utilizing best engineering practices and sophisticated modeling tools to ensure estimated performance targets are met. This focus has led to many firsts including the largest vibration test system ever installed, at NASA’s Plum Brook facility for subjecting full scale spacecraft ... Read More

Linear Actuators
Linear Actuators —

Team’s Linear Actuators, or HydraShakers, are a fundamental component in virtually every vibration test system delivered since the late 1950’s. Designed specifically for use in producing controllable vibration response, the HydraShaker is optimized for performance, fatigue rated and using hydrostatic bearing ...  Read More


The most common multi-axis test system in use today is called a MAST system, or Multi Axis Simulation Table. Very effective in reproducing measured road data, MAST systems are generally limited to fairly low frequencies, typically less than 50 Hz. And the actuator to table connection is generally a rod end bearing, prone to corrupting system response if not properly preloaded ...Read More

Pad Bearings
Pad Bearings —

Developing and applying hydrostatic bearing and coupling technology is a core competency of Team Corporation. One product unique to Team’s vibration system set of components is the Pad Bearing, a fully hydrostatic single degree of control coupling. The combination of a planar and spherical hydrostatic surface permits a highly transmissible connection in compression ... Read More

Rotary Actuators
Rotary Actuators —

Producing oscillating rotational forces on a test object, for example an axle shaft, can be accomplished by using a linear actuator and an eccentric connecting shaft. However, the most efficient means is to apply the required rotational force directly to the hub through the use of a Rotary Actuator. Read More

RVC400 Torsional Test System
RVC400 Torsional Test System —

Certain critical electronics devices are subjected to rotational vibration environments that can be difficult to reproduce in the laboratory. For example, hard disk drives (HDD) are used to store the most sensitive information imaginable, and are expected to operate reliably for many years. Read More

Spherical Couplings
Spherical Couplings —

The alignment of a linear exciter to a moving table or test object, and maintaining a highly transmissible connection, is a challenge for vibration equipment designers and installation crews. Under stress, a table or test object may experience dynamic deformation which may place eccentric loading into the exciter shaft or armature. Read More

SSTS-600 & 1200
SSTS-600 & 1200 —

NAVSEA Ship Survivability guidelines mandate the shock testing of any component being placed into service. Anytime a change is made in a previously qualified component, a representative unit must be tested again. For any device using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) electronic components ... Read More

T8/V8 Linear Hydrostatic Bearings
T8/V8 Linear Hydrostatic Bearings —

Defining a single line of motion while simultaneously restraining all other degrees of freedom is the function of any linear bearing. Team’s T8 & V8 Hydrostatic Linear Bearings were introduced more than 40 years ago to perform precisely that task and remain the undisputed top choice for accuracy, load carrying capacity and ruggedness.  Read More

TENSOR™ 900 & 18kN
TENSOR™ 900 & 18kN —

The TENSOR™ represents state-of-the-art advancement in multi-axis testing capability. Using 12 proprietary electrodynamic shakers to drive a single table, each TENSOR™ model can precisely control the amplitude and phase of the table response in all degrees of freedom through 2 kHz.  Read More

T-Film Slip Tables
T-Film Slip Tables —

An outstanding example of how correct application of hydrostatic linear bearing technology can provide sizeable advantages to horizontal test systems is the T-Film Slip Table. Team’s T-Film Slip Table designs use modular hydrostatic linear bearings, operating with only 600 psi hydraulic oil supply, vs. the 3,000 psi oil typically required by hydrostatic journal bearings. Read More

Vertical Test Systems
Vertical Test Systems —

Vertical test systems typically range from systems used to simulate transportation environments for package testing of consumer products to very large systems used to simulate the launch environment experienced by spacecraft. Team Corporation excels at both ends of the spectrum, producing some of the highest performance Vertical Test Systems ever delivered.Read More