In 1954, Team Corporation was founded by Vern Tauscher who began by manufacturing hydraulically driven rivet guns for the aircraft manufacturing industry. Demand for spacecraft development allowed Team to design and manufacture specialty equipment for use in early spacecraft testing. Team vibration simulation equipment has been used for quality and durability testing everything from small printed circuit boards to satellites, launch vehicles, military transport vehicles, armaments, rail cars, automotive components and more. The following chronology will offer some insight into Team Corporation's history, and illustrate Team's noteworthy accomplishments.

1958 Northrop approached Team to develop and build the first hydraulic shaker. This multi-shaker system (4 shakers) drove a wooden table and tested aircraft subassemblies.

Wyle Laboratories became interested in this work and saw "hydrashakers" as the new wave of vibration testing. Wyle purchased the rights to the product from Northrop. Team Corporation continued manufacturing hydrashakers for Wyle.

Hydrashakers became famous for their application in vibration testing of the Apollo and Saturn Series of spacecraft. One of the largest setups is still in use at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. This system consists of eight 50,000 lb heads configured in a circle.

1959 In the initial stages of America's space program the need for an improved slip table system for vibration testing became apparent. Under contract to NASA, Team Corporation invented the Model 1830 T and V bearings. These innovative bearings are friction free, can carry both tension and compression and are incredibly stiff. Literally thousands of these bearings are in use all over the world restraining large structures during vibration testing.

The Model 1830 T and V bearings solve a major problem for customers who are trying to test packages with high centers of gravity. By using T's and V's test packages can be restrained to move in one axis only. No more pitching, yawing, or slip plate slapping.

Mid to late 60's Team Corporation, under the leadership of President Bob Tauscher, continued to design and manufacture special hydrostatic bearings for the vibration testing industry. Team developed zero friction hydrostatic spherical couplings, pad bearings, journal bearings and rotary tables. The accuracy and dependability that these unique bearings have brought to vibration testing have not been equaled.

Late 60's Team Corporation became an OEM supplier of rotary actuators and servo valves to MTS. This relationship continued until 1979. Many of the MTS systems in service today use Team Corporation actuators and/or valves.

Throughout the 70's Team Corporation built many custom test systems. These systems all relied on Team's proven products such as bearings, hydraulic actuators, and servo valves. Team Corporation also provided engineering and hardware for two simultaneous, three axis test systems at CEA Bourdeaux, France (the French nuclear regulatory agency) and White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. Other highlights from the 70's include:

1971 Team Corporation conceived of using journal bearings in an oil film table to improve its cross axis motion and overturning moment capacity. Team Corporation and Kimball Industries developed the system and Team Corporation supplied journal bearings to Kimball Industries.

1974 Lockheed Corporation contracted Team Corporation to construct a fatigue testing system for the space shuttle airframe. Three 1 million lb. servo hydraulic actuators were used to simulate the motor loads on the space shuttle frame. The actuators could be vectored through a 28 degree angle on Team Corporation Hydrostatic Spherical bearings to simulate the thrust vectoring of the engines.

1975 The Rail Dynamics Laboratory in Pueblo, Colorado contracted Team Corporation (through Wyle Laboratories) to supply 8 actuators to simulate rail vibrations on rail cars and locomotives. The actuators are each 60,000 lb force, six inch stroke units. One actuator drives each wheel of the rail car. The system is powered by a 5000 hp hydraulic power supply.

1978 Team Corporation was purchased by Derritron of England, an electrodynamic shaker manufacturer. The decision was made to market complete hydraulic vibration systems. This was a new direction for Team Corporation, which had previously been a supplier of components and special engineering services.

1979 White Sands Missile Range contracted Team Corporation to design and build a six degree of freedom vibration test table. The table is used to test tanks and other tracked vehicles. The table is 8 ft. by 16 ft. and can support a full size tank.

The table is driven vertically by four, 40,000 lb. actuators. It is driven in the two horizontal directions by three, 40,000 lb. actuators. Each actuator drives the table through a special hydrostatic spherical coupling developed by Team Corporation.

Six independent degrees of motion (vertical, forward, and lateral linear motions: pitch, roll, and yaw rotational motions) are realized by the relative phasing of the actuators. The system uses a digital computer to control the motions. The system uses a 2000 hp hydraulic power supply to provide power for the vibration testing.

During the 80's, Team Corporation became well established in the Vibration Test Field. Sales improved dramatically, as hydraulic vibration testing became a viable and accepted alternative to electrodynamic shakers. Many new uses for hydraulic shakers were found and many technical milestones were achieved.

  • Standards for pure, linear motion are set with Long Stroke Linear systems at Draper Laboratories and Honeywell.
  • Hewlett Packard, Magnavox and Hill Air Force Base purchase large vertical tables capable of carrying tremendous off center loads.
  • Oil well exploration is improved with dual shakers that help debug the logging instrumentation.
  • Crank shaft induced rotary vibration problems with fans, alternators, belts, harmonic balancers and transmissions are solved with continuously rotating rotary actuators.
  • Huge electrodynamically driven slip tables and bearing systems are delivered to Sundstrand and to Dahlgren.
  • Pad Bearings are used to provide tables for Earthquake simulations of piping systems. The pipes attached to the tables are 10 to 20 ft. tall and "wag" like a dogs tail during testing. No other bearing system could withstand the overturning moments created by these pipes.

Air Bearings are sold to several customers to be used in the development of "Star Wars" space defense system equipment.

A special Nuclear Power Plant qualifications test system is developed and delivered to TVA for qualifying components of nuclear generators.

Other highlights from the 80's include:

1981 Team Corporation delivered a number of high force Hydrashakers for vibration testing. National Technical Systems in Saugus, California uses a Team 90,000 lb. actuator for testing the MX missile structure. Wyle Laboratories in Norco, California uses several 100,000 lb. Hydrashakers for general vibration testing. Wyle Laboratories in El Segundo, California uses a 250,000 lb. Hydrashaker for general vibration testing.

1986 Team management purchases Team Corporation from Derritron Holdings Ltd. A greater enthusiasm ensues.

1990 Team Corporation introduces the T-Film Table. A unique slip table design featuring T shaped elements to eliminate cross axis motion and provide extraordinary moment capacity. The T-Film table set new standards for slip table performance and is quickly becoming the benchmark for other table designs.

1991 Team Corporation develops the first PC-based Classical Shock Controller specifically designed for hydraulic shakers. This development further increased the flexibility of Hydrashaker systems.

1992 Team Corporation introduces the TFS-3000 T-Film Shaker, the first and only hydraulic shaker capable of 2,000 Hz performance. Based on the proven T-Film Slip Table, the TFS-3000 redefined the capabilities of hydraulic shakers. The TFS-3000's unique packaging provides the performance of an electrodynamic shaker in half the floor space.

Team Corporation delivers "Pitch Table" test systems to Johnson Controls, Ford Motor Company, and Lear Seating. The Pitch Table performs production tests of automobile seat assemblies and is an industry standard.

Team Corporation provides a unique, self-contained, 6 Degree of Freedom Test System to Johnson Controls for automobile seat development. The system features a built reaction mass and a new Team product, the Hydraball. The Hydraball is a large angle, hydrostatic ball and socket joint for multi-axis applications.


1995 Team Corporation introduces the CUBE™ - a compact, modular 6 degree of freedom test system. This compact system is making multi-axis vibration testing easier and more affordable.

Team opens a factory service center in Walled Lake, Michigan to support our automotive industry clients. NASA selects Team Corporation's TUBE, a variation of the CUBE™ design, to conduct multi-axis testing on satellite systems.

1996 Entela Engineering and Testing Laboratories of Livonia, Michigan selected the CUBE™ as the centerpiece of their expansion into multi-axis vibration testing.

Labeco of Mooresville, Indiana selects the CUBE™ as the key component in a multi-axis loading system for a major supplier of automobile tires.

Lear Corporation of Southfield, Michigan selects a man-rated CUBE™ as part of their laboratory expansion. The system will be used to evaluate the ride comfort of Lear's seating systems.

IMV Corporation of Japan selects the CUBE™ as a featured system in their facility.

2000's, Team continues to improve the CUBE™ design and in response to customer test requirements, develops the Model 2 and Model 3 versions which offer enhanced frequency range to 250Hz and larger vertical displacement to 4-inches.

Team also opened its first foreign subsidiary office located in the UK.

2007 Team developed and sold the first high frequency compact, six degree of freedom, self contained shaker system called the Tensor TE6-900. This system is able to achieve 5 kHz controlled frequency using twelve uniquely designed integrated electrodynamic shakers.

2008 Team awarded contract to design, fabricate and install the largest multi-axis mechanical vibration system of its kind for NASA's next generation Orion project. Team was also asked to supply its unique air modulators for integration into the largest reverberant acoustic test facility of its kind at NASA's Plumbrook facility.

2009 Team awarded contract to supply China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) with a unique mix of specially designed test and development equipment to be completed in early 2012

2010 Team developed and sold the next generation Tensor TE6-18000 which boasts six degree of freedom capability up to 2kHz. This system is near completion and will be delivered mid-2012.

2011 Team completes installation of the NASA equipment set and validation testing and installs the majority of the China Lake NAWC equipment. Team also delivered its first dual axis seismic simulation system to Shenzhen, China. Team developed the Model 4 CUBE™ with bare table frequency response to near 500Hz

2012 Team engineers and develops components for a unique multi axis test system to be installed at the US Army Redstone facility. Team also designs and manufactures specialty actuators and components for integration into a satellite system in Europe.

Team Corporation continues to develop new products and applications for Hydrashakers. With the help of a superb world-wide network of manufacturer's representatives and agents, Team Corporation is capturing new markets and setting new standards for performance and service.


    • Lansmont acquires Team to form combined world class Shock and Vibration product offering and technology solutions
    • Team awarded NASA Goddard JWST project
    • Team breaks ground for 15,000 sq-ft building expansion


    • Team awarded ADD DAVS project
    • Team awarded Beijing Satellite Institute 511 Project


    • Battery Ventures acquires Team and Lansmont to form NVT Group including Data Physics<
    • Team Building expansion completed
    • Team awarded NTS NEBS seismic system project
    • Team awarded Eli Lilly CUBE MDOF project
    • Team awarded US Army Aberdeen Tensor Project


    • NASA Goddard James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) installation and commissioning completed
    • Eli Lilly CUBE MDOF vibration installation and commissioning completed


  • MET Labs - Team manufactured and installed MET’s second seismic test system specifically designed to reproduce GR-63 NEBS test profiles for office, transportation, building and seismic vibration.
  •  TruMotion - Working in concert with packaging experts at the Lansmont Corporation in Monterey, CA, Team designed, manufactured and installed the first simultaneous multi-axis (3-DoF) vibration system specifically engineered for simulation of the cargo transportation vibration hazards. The first system was installed at Atlantic Packaging, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The TruMotion system is sold exclusively through Lansmont Corporation.



Since Team's beginning in 1954, we have expanded our product line to include hardware and engineering services for all phases of vibration testing. Team's products and services include:

1. Hardware

  • Hydraulic Shaker Systems up to 1,000,000 lb. and 500 Hz
    1. Actuators
      • Linear Actuators
      • Rotary Actuators
    2. Valves
    3. Reaction Bases
    4. Hydraulic Power Supplies
    5. Servo Control Electronics
    6. Vibration Test Control Electronics
  • Hydrostatic Bearings
    1. V and T type Hydrostatic Linear Bearings
    2. Slip Tables
    3. Spherical Hydrostatic Couplings
    4. Pad Bearings
    5. Custom Air Bearings
    6. Custom Hydrostatic Oil Bearings
    7. Hydrostatic ball joint bearings with up to 40° P-P angular displacement
  • Multi Axis Electrodynamic and -Hydraulic Shaker Systems to 5,000 Hz
    1. CUBE™ - 500 Hz
    2. Mantis - 150 Hz
    3. Tensor TE6-900 - 5000 Hz
    4. Tensor TE6-18000 - 2000 Hz
  • Welded Magnesium Products
    1. Head expanders for Hydraulic and electrodynamic Shakers
    2. Drive Bars to interface electrodynamic shakers with Team slip tables
  • Other Components
    1. Trunnion Reaction Bases
    2. Guided Vertical Vibration Tables
    3. Force-Feel Control Stick Simulators
    4. Engine Simulators
    5. Engine Valve Response Simulators
    6. Transmission fluid pulse simulators
    7. RVC400 electrodynamic 2kHz rotary vibration system
    8. Rotary vibration tables for electrodynamic shakers

2. Engineering Services

  • Design and Manufacturing of Custom Vibration Systems
    1. Single Axis Vibration
    2. Dual Axis Vibration
    3. Multiple Degree of Freedom Vibration Systems
    4. Multiple Shaker Systems
    5. Low Distortion Vibration Systems
    6. Pure Linear or Rotational Motion Systems
  • Design and Manufacturing of Custom ED Shaker Systems
    1. Riser Bases with Slip Tables or Bearings
    2. Trunion Reaction Bases for Special Applications
    3. Custom Head Expanders
  • Design and Manufacturing of Hydrostatic Bearings
    1. Special Air Bearings
    2. Special Pad Bearings
    3. Special Journal Bearings

Today, Team is a leader in the design and manufacture of custom vibration and Multi-axis test systems. Team is the front-runner in this field because of our commitment to technical development and customer service. Team has many unique qualifications, which include the following:

  • Team manufactures the largest line of hydrostatic bearings in the world. Hydrostatic bearings are absolutely essential in any vibration test system that involves a package larger than can be mounted on a shaker's armature. Thus, we are uniquely able to design and supply the special or custom system.
  • Team manufactures the finest hydraulic vibration test equipment available. Team pioneered hydraulic shakers, and our design features have been copied by our competitors in an attempt to build shakers as good as Team's. These features include: hydrostatic rod bearings, one piece pistons, no high pressure seals and square bodies.
  • Team invented the Voice Coil driven Servo Valve that provides the high frequency response for which Team is famous. Team valves have a proven track record. Many valves last for 5 to 10 years in almost continuous use before major service is required.
  • Team has a staff of degreed engineers with extensive experience in the design and application of hydraulic systems to special applications. They have backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering, Controls, and Acoustics.
  • Team operates a precision machine shop, dedicated to producing the high precision, close tolerance components that make up a servo hydraulic actuator system. Team has many highly skilled machinists and assembly personnel, with years of experience building and assembling our products.
  • Team has had the opportunity to use and develop a number of control systems for servo hydraulic applications. These include analog servo control, digital computer random control, digital computer shock generation, and digital minimum distortion controller.
  • Team remains the pioneer in high frequency multi-axis test system technology and continues its contribution to the development of MIL STD 810 vibration test specifications

Team personnel service and maintain all of our products. In addition, Team provides field support for demonstrations and testing of new equipment and applications with excellent service response.