Horizontal System


The Team Horizontal vibration test system is a high performance, versatile, and cost effective testing system. The Team system has been developed specifically for vibration testing and takes advantage of the T-Film™ Slip Table for horizontal test article guidance and support.

With the modular line of components, Team can provide you with a system that is best tailored to your test requirements. The actuator force, stroke and velocity are optimized to provide the highest frequency response within your budget constraints.

Team horizontal systems are designed to work with almost any off the shelf controller and offer the full spectrum of sine, random, sine on random, random on random, or resonant search and dwell control.


  • Modular Bearing Design for Flexible Sizing Requirements
  • Integrated Zero Wear T-Film™ Bearings*
  • Overturning Moment Measured In Millions Of lb-in
  • High Load Capacity and Dynamic Stiffness
  • Maintenance Free*
  • Available Drive Adapter For Use with All ED Shakers
  • Available Air Isolated Laminated Steel Reaction Mass
  • Available Thermal Barrier For Use In Environmental Chambers
  • Available Hi-Yaw Control Bearings for Low Cross Axis Control

*When oil is maintained to ISO 15-13-10 standards


  • Electronic Component Testing
  • Tall, High Center of Gravity Test Objects
  • Transportation Canister Testing
  • Large Cabinet Testing
  • Thermal + Vibration Testing With Large Fixtures
  • Long Stroke, Low Frequency Testing
  • Satellite Testing With 10” x 10” (3M x 3M) Table
  • Mil STD Testing to 2000Hz